Research services

Fundamentals of crystal acoustics

  • Analytical treatment of linear and non-linear behavior of acoustic waves in solids (primarily in piezoelectric crystals) and fluids
  • Basics of temperature dependence (in particular low temperature incipient evidence and phase transitions) and of loss mechanisms of acoustoelectric properties

Modeling of acoustic phenomena

  • Computation of acoustic wave propagation and vibration parameters for any technically relevant material systems and geometries, especially on surfaces, interfaces, in plates, stratified systems
  • Extraction of material parameters from wave propagation and resonance experiments
  • Error analysis at parameter extraction, developing of optimum experimental strategies for parameter determination

Application studies for devices

  • Simulation of surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor behavior of different types (detection of temperature, mass loading, properties of fluids) and elaboration of device optimization criteria
  • Modeling of SAW based fluidic actuators, development of adapted material systems (crystal orientation, thin film coating, actuator plate geometry)
  • Figure-of-merit based specification of material systems use
  • Specialized simulation of SAW filter behavior on the base of charge distribution analysis