INNOXACS – Innovations in Crystal Acoustics was founded as a company providing research services to both industrial companies and scientific institutions . Since the very beginning in 2005, INNOXACS was headed by Dr. Manfred Weihnacht.

Customers and Collaborations
  • Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW Dresden), Germany
  • Tele Filter GmbH, Teltow, Germany
  • Vectron, a Knowles Company, Teltow, Germany
  • SAW COMPONENTS Dresden GmbH, Germany
  • University of Technology Dresden, Institute of Solid State Electronics, Germany
  • Reinhard Wobst UNIX-Software, Dresden, Germany
  • TU Clausthal, Institute of Energy Research and Physical Technologies, Goslar, Germany
  • TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Mineralogy, Germany
  • Ioffe Institute, Laboratory of Physics of Ferroelectricity and Magnetism, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow , Russia
  • ISC FOMOS-Materials, Moscow, Russia
 Biography Dr. Manfred Weihnacht

Manfred Weihnacht received his diploma, Ph.D., and Dr. habil. degree in physics from the Dresden University of Technology    . . .
In 2005 he founded his own consulting company INNOXACS – Innovations in Crystal Acoustics – Dr. Manfred Weihnacht, offering research services to industrial companies and scientific intitutions.
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Since 1990 Dr. Manfred Weihnacht authored and co-authored 224 publications with more than 1900 citations (state at the end of 2020) . . .
He helds more than 30 patents.
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